Zilk's Freedom Fighter


Ch. Berlin N'Dalmars's Bandolero

Ch. Tri-Pod´s Moment of Truth

Ch. Tri-Pod´s Bugs Off

Ch. Tri-Pod´s True To the Core

Berlin Indian Summer

Ch. Wendadam´s White Hart

Berlin This Diamond Sparkles

Zilk's N' Afterglow SimSalaBi

Zilk´s Acquilon Afterglow

Ch. Eaglewing-JPK Bible Smuggler

Wibams Dream Bean

Afterglow Carte Blanche

Boduf Pistols at Dawn
with Afterglow

Afterglow Freesia Assets


Draumóra Æsku Þrenna


Cottonsocks Raccourci

Boduf Benedict with Afterglow

Ch. San Jo's N'Rendition Powerplay with Boduf

Terje's 'N JPK League Of Her own with Boduf

Fairydale Chubby Dubble at Cottonsocks

Danton Hullabalo

Saldawn Harlequin of Gildasan

Ch. Very Vigie Replica Truly Yours

Ch. Glenmurray's Double Kool

Ch. Glenmurray's Declaration

Glenmurray's We Be Kool

Truly Yours Holidays on Ice

Frandee's Kool It

Ch. Truly Yours Special Blend